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We are an innovative publishing house, specialising in educational projects for children. Our books, educational cards and sets of puzzles help the youngest in exploring the world, developing imagination, and above all – having great fun!

All the books are prepared by pedagogues and development psychologists; we also collaborate with marvellous illustrators with children-like unlimited fantasy. The knowledge and creativity of the entire team contribute to the fact that our books and games contribute to the child development within the following five main fields: social, motor, intellectual, emotional and creative.




Jigsaw with a hole: ANIMALS

Match young animals to their parents. Remember that non-obvious pairs are also possible! Jigsaws with a hole are a creative set of large two-element jigsaws for the youngest. Matching and combining elements is agility training for small hands and a perfect logical thinking exercise.

The set includes 12 jigsaws, size 16 x 16 cm.



Contrast charts: THIS IS THE WAY I SEE IT

Contrast charts are dedicated to parents who want to support their children in their development in a responsible way!

Contrasting illustrations contribute positively to the development of a child’s brain, help infants develop their intellectual and spatial intelligence, recognise shapes limitations, as well as exercise their perception. Having fun with parents builds a relationship and intimacy.

The set includes 12 large double-sided and highly resistant contrast charts appropriate for infants who can perceive only highly contrasting colours and clear contours. For children from 4 weeks of life.




Buzz! Buzz! What worms are these?

Little creatures play in the meadow.

Arrange well-known worms or create totally new ones!

Jigsaws develop manual skills and perceptivity. It is great fun with your little child.

The set includes 5 four-element jigsaws.

Small Academy: DIGITS              

 Small Academy Digits is a creative book with stickers and an educational set of jigsaws. It is great fun which:

– introduces children to the world of digits

– supports fine motor skills and precision

– trains correct crayon grip

– develops logical reasoning

The set includes:

– creative book with tasks

– 10 two-element jigsaws

– stickers

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Set of educational books: Hop, hop!

 A series of four accordion-shaped books with funny illustrations  and a lot of rhymes for the youngest readers. Children can learn about animal houses and their mums, most important opposites and counting to ten.

Reading together aloud supports the development of linguistic skills, improves memory and develops imagination, and above all gives a lot of joy to small children.

The set includes: 4 cardboard accordion-shaped books.