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Dzikie Dzieci (Eng. Wild Children) is a brand that offers natural wooden toys that remain a part of nature due to minimal processing. All of the toys are manufactured from wooden chips, bark, sticks, branches and roots found in the undergrowth. In order to retain the natural diversity, each toy is individually hand-crafted in a small workshop in Świętokrzyskie Mountains. Dzikie Dzieci is a series of open and undefined toys that support the concept of imagination play. The project has emerged from our belief that remaining close to nature teaches us, develops our senses, heals us and is necessary for a child’s proper development. Dzikie Dzieci is a company established by two sisters: an artist and designer, Anna Bera and a psychotherapist, Małgorzata Matwiejczyk.



Dzikie Dzieci and the Settlement

A set of natural wooden building elements including a bonfire, a cauldron, sausages to cook, a table, a seat, primitive pots made of bark, sticks to strike fire, food, a fishing rod, spears, a necklace and a tree guide for the Wild Children.

The toy is made of wood in its various forms: dry wood, fresh wood, resin-rich wood, non-coniferous wood, wood from stumps, sticks, pieces of bark as well as smooth, irregular rectangular blocks made of sanded and moss-covered boards. During the play a child experiences sensory diversity of the wood, its structure, shapes and textures. The form of a settlement is only one of many applications of the elements that the toy includes. The functions of the items are symbolic, which allows a child to assign new meanings to them during play.



Dzikie Dzieci and Growing a Forest

The play consists in matching trees and holes in a board. Each tree has its unique shape and was processed to a minimal extent so as to retain the most of its natural form. The wooden elements have an interesting texture and encourage to experience and experiment.



A set of blocks with unique shapes and natural design. During play a child experiences the sensory diversity of wood: from the coarse bark to the finely sanded section surface. The simple form guarantees virtually endless possibilities of use during play. Each set is unique and manufactured from a different wood species. The toy is impregnated with natural vegetable oil.