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Pictures of pleasant moments taken from our memory. The sun, crickets, tanned skin, fire, late summer. Breath. Space. Eyes glazing at the tree crown. A nap in a hammock in  a tree shade, blue sky and green leaves. The unlimited palette of tints depending on the day time, light, air clarity and place. Close to or far away from your window, your car. Every forest hides a different story, different tree, different leaves. A path to someone’s house or leading to the forest. Come to the world where a picture tells its own story.



Double-sided quilt BUTTERFLIES

Let a colour inside. Apart from practical features – it is an original room decoration. Double-sided quilt, on one side – butterfly overprint, enlarged, with captions, on the other side – smaller butterflies, making a wonderful pattern. Size: 220cmx200cm. Grey lace finishing. 100% top quality cotton. Filling: certified ovata. Wash in 30°C in a delicate fabric programme. The author of all FOREST AND SKY pictures is Małgorzata Gibas-Grądman.



Quilted pillowcase BUTTERFLIES

Quilted decorative pillowcase. Wonderful butterfly printout. 100% top quality cotton. Size 50×50. Zipped.