Minimetry company was established in 2011. We sew and decorate to make children and their families happy. This gives us joy and takes us away from everyday problems because every positive comment and satisfaction of our customers spreads our wings.




Old sea dog Włodek Kotwica. Dashing comrade, globetrotter, gadabout, bard, comedian, wise head.

Kotwica board game

Adventurous board game for the entire family and your gang 🙂  Recommended by Włodek Kotwica! Be prepared for drawing, racking your brain, physical exercises, dancing, singing, and stains on…

We make toys from ecological materials by ourselves.  We devote our heart and attention to each of them to have fun which is developing.  We teach children about the nature on a data carrier directly taken from the nature.

We believe into simplicity. A modest yet well-thought form of Dzioopla toys  matches the sincerity of the material used.  Our fondness of a good design is reflected in toys aesthetics, whose uniqueness and  out-of-the-box thinking develops sensitivity to visual aspects.  At the same time, we pay attention to the development of perceptivity and analytical thinking, which are so precious in the growing-up process.

Established in 2016.