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Our grandpa, Dziadek Borowy, knew that the woods gives happiness. Our company has been operating for three generations and actually no-one remembers when we planed first wood beams. Yet, everyone remembers year 1969, when it was the first time we made wooden toys…

Our grandpa loved creating new things which guaranteed joyfulness […]. He told the truth: “creating for children gives happiness also to adults”. We know it. We created Wooden Story out from our love to the nature and to make children happy.

Our toys are inspired by the nature and hand-made… we create in marvellous Beskids. Our toys came from the woods… thus children play with them in a natural way, they become a part of this world. Recycling, environmental protection, beauty of wood and colours. Our toys develop senses, they are delicate, they attract with their natural colours and smell of the woods.



Natural blocks in a box

They develop senses, they are delicate in touch, they attract with their natural colours, they smell of the woods. You can make amazing structures from blocks. Building enhances creativity and boosts your fantasy.

Natural blocks, 30 pcs. in a solid wood box. This is not only fun but also an original decorative element.



Shape Puzzle Board, Colourful

Beautiful wooden blocks in geometric shapes. Do you know where does each of them belong to? Heart, rhomb, triangle, circle… made from wood, saturated with natural colourants… created in order to make children happy with discovering various shapes. They teach through playing.



Fence – Colourful Jigsaw

Will you help shapes climb up the fence? How do you want to arrange them? By colours? By shapes? Or do you want to mix them? You will practise your senses while having great fun! Touch – smooth wood owing to bee wax and plant oils. Eyesight – beautiful colours owing to ecologic colorants. Close your eyes… and smell wood. So beautiful, so safe – given by nature!



Box on wheels – ladders

A wooden chest which will change your room. You can store there your toys and treasures! Tidying up will not be hard or boring. One, two, three and here you go. But watch out for your parents…

This chest is ideal for their treasures, vinyl records, books, wool or newspapers, which like hiding all around your house.