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We are a family-owned company established in 2015. Wood&Paper designs have specific goals. Nothing happens without a reason. We emphasise simplicity and a form but the primary feature is functionality. We take from pattern designing of 50‘s and 60’s of the 20th c., when Polish design was at the world’s level.

Wood&Paper taboret DUO 2Wood&Paper taboret DUO

Multifunctional stool

An ideal present for you and your child. A fantastic toy and a comfortable stool all in one. Only your imagination can limit the scope of its application and functionality. This piece of furniture is made entirely from solid oak wood, it is resistant to children’s playing with blocks, which are attached to the stool.

SOLO sklejka 300dpi (1)SOLO sklejka 300dpi (2)


Coffee table PL(A)Y

Pl(a)y coffee table is suitable for every interior owing to its neutral colours, natural plywood and simplicity. It is an inseparable friend of every coach; it will serve your afternoon coffee but it can also be used as a smart shelf which will hide remote controls and newspapers.