Aleksandra Richert Studio, since 2012, has been exploring fabrics. The projects are connected with the closest surroundings of people. The designer’s assumption is to disenchant a notion of artistic fabric, taking it closer to users – also to the youngest ones – in the form of modern objects with practical functions. Textiles dedicated to children are toys which develop imagination, in juicy colours, sculptural cushions like cuddly toys, inspiring mats and rugs.  They are rakish, multi-sensory, interactive. They inspire with a shape, colour and form. They encourage to touching, stroking, plucking, scratching, exploring on each side. They are all made in author’s techniques, mostly hand-made what makes them unique.

PINKY – Fakir’s Carpet

Unique 3D texture carpet. Designed in order to make playing on the floor even more interesting. The carpet surface, although it looks spiky – actually is soft and elastic.

Size: 220x170cm; materials: polyester felt, threads, nonwoven.



 A toy cushion. Made from colourful felt. On the spine there are scales in the form of rounded felt edges, in various shapes [in total from 250 to 600 moveable, soft edges imitating fish scales]. Filled with silicone fluff, with at least one soft fin and a tail in 3 colours. Contrasting and juicy colours stimulate the eyesight. Scales on the spine are perfect for stroking, picking, scratching, crumpling, what stimulates a sense of touch.

Size: 50x55cm,  56x25cm, 52x40cm, 75x35cm; materials: polyester felt; filling: silicone fluff

The set includes a number of fish with a different size, colour and shape of scales.



GEOMETRY cushion collection [Triangle, Pill, Circle, Square]

Cushions in geometrical shapes [circle, square, rectangle, triangle]  fulfil many functions. It is possible to sit on them, lie down, cuddle them and use for playing. Made from various textures, soft and rigid felt. Textures in the form of moveable edges may be long, thin and soft, but also thick, short and rigid. Respective surfaces give different sensations, also sounds depending on scratching or stroking. Textures are colourful, on the bottom there are two or even three different colours, inviting to picking, stroking and touching. The set of cushions guarantees lots of experiences.

Materials: polyester felt; filling: silicone fluff; the set includes a few cushions in different colours, textures, shapes and sizes: round, diameter 60-85cm, square: 40x40cm, triangular: 40x60cm.