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Alicja Patanowska joins life in two cities (Wrocław and London), glass with porcelain and the arts with designing.

She focuses on the need for user’s involvement, establishing relationships, possible only as a result of conscious cooperation.  She is interested in a theme of trash connected with a critical reflection over human needs and the escalation of a consumption chaos.

Craft skills have key meaning for her artistic and designing practice – she creates by working on materials. She often uses a term of design through making, which assumes laboratory work and manual experiments with materials.

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław (2012) and Royal College of Art in London (2014). She lives in Wrocław. Her products are available, among others, in Merci in Paris, Barbican in London, in MAMA in New York, Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle in Berlin. She is a prize winner of: British Glass Biennale , WARTO Gazeta Wyborcza Award, MUST HAVE! Plebiscite, and her works are a part of the arts and pattern-designing collection, among others, Shanghai Museum of Glass.




Plate-boards are plates whose surface enables multi-drawing with chalk. The product is made of elements which in a factory, due to quality reasons,  are treated as waste.

An inspiration for this project were formerly popular faience, richly painted, decorative wall plates. Plate-boards are to stimulate creative thinking of children. They can form a background for creating unconventional wall paintings but also they can help in learning the alphabet, and then spelling or mathematical formulas.