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Joanna Rusin and Agnieszka Czop are artists and designers working on the border of textile art and design. Their characteristic feature is non-standard approach to carpets, which they treat as objects stimulating the user’s imagination. The main goal of their work is to enrich the objects of mass culture with values from the field of unique fabric. They make alternative carpets and creative interior design. They cooperate with institutions of culture, art galleries and architects in Poland and abroad. For many years they have been connected with industry.



LOZENGES CARPET (160cm x 240cm)

Pastylki is a felt variation on the carpet. The idea for its creation was triggered by the contact with industrial design and its limitations. Made of felt, the carpet is designed mainly for having fun. By using a simple material and multiplying elements, the design forms a rhythmic, multi-layered and spatial composition. pastylki carpet is more than just a decoration. It fires children’s imagination, teaches them to build their own space and stimulates their creativity. The design was awarded on the Prodeco (2004) and Toy for Fun (2009) competitions.