KOKODYL/ Joanna Kaczmarek

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KOKODYL/ Joanna Kaczmarek

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Kokodyl was initially an artistic project by Joanna Kaczmarek, a graduate of the Łódź Academy of Fine Arts. The original idea was to create multifunctional toys that would support children in the process of sensory integration, be distinguished by unique aesthetics and safe for the youngest of children including infants. Currently Kokodyl manufactures and sells toys, sensory stimulation facilities, baby play room decor and softplays. Our products translate artistic vision into high quality educational toys for children.

Kokodyl toys are designed to support the proper sensory integration and comprehensive development of children. They provide children with subtle tactile and auditory stimuli, encourage them to do a variety of manual and motor activities and stimulate imagination.

Our products are made from certified fabrics, antiallergic fillers and additives that meet all EU standards. Manufactured in Poland by hand-made method, with attention to detail and child safety.




Dziabągi are pilowlike toys with many different functions, limited only by imagination of the small users. Each element can be tied together and combined with special rubber bands, that give ability of building shapes, constructions or even costumes.

Dziabągi can be also use as furniture for the children’s rooms. Tied together are comfortable seat where children can relax or even take a short nap after a long day full of fun.

They are designed to support children’s development of balance, coordination of movement, manual skills and most importantly imagination. Plaing with Dziabągi is a prefect traning for bodies and minds of young childern.




Collection of sensory objects from little pillows to big poufs that support children’s motor skills development. Filled with natural husk, cherry pits or styrofoam balls provide many tactile and auditory stimuli. Stingray fun encourages children to many creative and physical activities, improves balance and coordination, and massages the body.

After the day full of adventures, the stingray transforms into a comfortable puff that helps children to sleep or relax.



Sensory toy with lacing function.

The beetle is a very pragmatic and disciplined fellow who easily interacts with children. During the game, all the children will learn the difficult art of tying laces, knots and knobs. His heart grows when he sees small hands interlaced with strings, practising concentration and  developing their manual skills.

The toy supports sensory integration therapy.