KOSHKA DESIGN/ Dagmara Socha-Rynkiewicz & Patrycja Jędruszek Januszewska

www.koshka.design, hello.koshka@design

Koshka Design is a brand created in 2015 at the initiative of two mums, who with no conditions, resources or space, but with passion for screen printing and handmade stuff, decided to create something from the scratch. The first ideas were implemented at our homes, with our children on our laps, without appropriate equipment, making everything dirty. Those were our first designs, then we created in our mini studio in Edinburgh. We focus on subdued colours, prevailing black and white contrasts, while admiring and respecting simple forms. Hand-making is also of great importance here.




Indian tepee  was a spontaneous idea which was immediately implemented. We took inspiration from our childhood memories and the needs of our children. Having no clue how to do it, we got down to work and, by trial and error method, we made our first cut-out, creating a shape from large material pieces. Then sewing and overprinting was slightly easier. Our tepee was made from totally natural fabric  with original and simple overprints, ideal for a room, garden or balcony. In such a tent children like spending hours, in their own world, with their teddy bears, favourite books, in a mysterious place.

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