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Bona is an independent publishing company, based in Cracow, and appreciated, first and foremost, for the beautiful editions of children’s literature. Our books have received several awards, among others, ‘Złe sny’ (’Bad Dreams’) of Aleksandra Cieślak won the title of ’’Book of the Year’ awarded by the Polish section of IBBY 2012 (category: Graphic Distinction). However, it is not our intention to win the hearts of readers with the number of published books. Our priority is editorial quality, and also a careful choice of books to be published because we know from our own experience what an enormous influence upon a further life is exerted by books read during childhood.




Central is a publishing house originally based in Poland, specialising in comics since 2007. Our authors include Chester Brown, Sara Colaone, Howard Cruse, Anke Feuchtenberger, Tom Gauld, Line Hoven, Lucie Lomová, Luke Pearson, Bastien Vives, Jay Wright and Alexandar Zograf. We live in three cities: Poznan, Berlin, and now also London, where we started our publishing activity in March 2014. For us, comics means beautifully published, well written, and exceptionally drawn literature. A picture of life in a solid frame.



Czerwony Konik is a small publishing company, which publishes children’s books. It was established in 2008 in Cracow. Czerwony Konik pays a particular attention to the graphic design of its publications. Our portfolio includes the books of the best Polish authors: Wojciech Widłak, Tina Oziewicz, Jacek Cygan, and also illustrators: Paweł Pawlak, Aleksandra Woldańska and Joanna Rusinek.

The books published by Czerwony Konik have received several awards and distinctions in competitions, among others, organized by the Polish Section of IBBY and PTWK.




Dwie Siostry is one of the most valued publishing houses in the Polish book market. We specialise in children’s literature. We appreciate both traditions and innovativeness: one the one hand, our publishing house presents one more time the classic titles of children’s literature and the works of the masters of Polish illustration to the readers, whereas, on the other hand, it promotes young, talented authors and illustrators, and launches pioneering book projects in the Polish market. Since the beginning of its activity, we have been paying a particular attention to the aesthetic, substantive and editorial quality of the books published by us. The greatest international success of the publishing house is ’MAPS’ of Aleksandra and Daniel Mizieliński, thus far published in 30 countries, and having the total circulation of 2 million.



Engtliczek is a small, independent family publishing house, established in 2011. We publish that what we like, and that means books which stimulate children’s imagination, and open them to the world and to people, books that shape their sensitivity. And entertain because joy and spontaneity are the part and parcel of childhood. We treat the graphic design of our publications as something important. We believe that there is a small, sensitive artist in every single child, and that this artist is able to appreciate a beautiful and original form.




Although Kocur Bury is a new publishing house established a year ago has already been successful. We present works of local authors and illustrators as well as we introduce foreign titles. Our ambition is to promote books of artistic value with message and great content which will be memorable and become an inspiration.


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We all love to listen to an interesting story. So do children. That’s why we deliver you a variety of tales – sometimes happy and sometimes frightening. Let reading bring you pleasure and develop your appetite for more… reading! Because a child who reads grows up to become a smart adult.

We publish children’s books since 2013 r. and though our name is pawky (Literówka means typo) and we publish roughly around two books annually, we are very serious about our releases. First we carefully read our books, think twice whether we got into it, and only then decide to pass in on to you. We also do our best for our books to look nice and also catch the eye.




Ładne Halo is an independent publishing house and a graphic studio, based in Łódź. We bet on modern picture books, original stories and a good Polish design. Telling stories through books is our passion. We are authors ourselves, but we publish the projects of other young Polish writers, too. We admire an expressive style, but also the versatile sensitivity, of each of our authors: Kasia Bogucka, Agata Królak, Marta Szudyga, Mateusz Wysocki and Paweł Mildner. We recommend ourselves to people who like inventive, well designed and ’unruly’ publications, and, in particular, to all children!




TAKO publishes, first and foremost, picture books, which were written in Spain, such as: “Books of Tomorrow”, OQO Collection, “Case of Monsters” and also in Japan “My Body” and “Vehicles at Work”.

One of the major goals which our publishing office has adopted is to promote a good children’s literature and illustration because they frequently constitute the first form in which a child encounters art, they are a direct inspiration for child’s creativity, as well as an important element of their further cultural education.


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Tatarak specialises in children’s literature. We do care that the books published by us are valuable, with an excellent graphic design and unique. Among our authors, there are both great classical writers, such as Józef Wilkoń or Eric Carle, and authors who are yet completely unknown.




We publish books which make readers better acquainted with surrounding nature, which explain the world of new technologies, historical events, physical and chemical experiments, culinary experiences, and also present inspiring individuals. Books which one can befriend and which one can tame the world with; by reading which, one can build bonds uniting parents and children, siblings and peers… We look for interesting editorial forms, we fold books in a harmonica, convert them into maps, make a young reader active, allowing to use the book actively: affix, draw and practice perceptivity.




Wolno was established in November, 2016. It specialises, among others, in picture books, both for children and for adults alike, placing emphasis upon the graphic design of the published books: typographic quality, illustrations and aesthetic. Its first publication was the book bearing the title ’Obie’ (’Both’), authored by Iwona Chmielewska and Justyna Bargielska, and also the extensive selection of children’s poems of Jerzy Ficowski ’Lodorosty i bluszczary’ (’Iceweeds and Ivybeds’) with the illustrations of Gosia Herba.




Wytwórnia publishes books for children and youths. It was established in 2005, and adopted the mission of returning to the tradition of excellent Polish illustration of the 1960s, and launching the new quality of a picture book in the Polish market. A small (by a conscious choice), original publishing house, is one of the most outstanding and consistent publishers in Europe, and it has set a high standard for the Polish market of books for children. The modern interpretation of classic, innovative graphic solutions, and treating a young reader as a recipient and a partner, are the trademark of our publishing house. In 2016, Wytwórnia was nominated for the Bologna Prize for the Best Children’s Publisher of the Year.




Znak Emotikon specialises in children’s literature. Our offers includes picture books for the youngest (aged 2-6), educational books, and also series and adventure novels for boys and girls (aged 6-12). We publish both bestsellers, and artistic and innovative books which have received several awards. We constantly branch out adding new Polish authors and further titles developing a bond with animals in the youngest. We believe in the joy of reading which instill love of reading in children.

Znak Emotikon offers a high-class literature, books which are the best entertainment, which contribute to the development of young readers in terms of aesthetic and taste in literature, and also instill the ideas of openness and tolerance in the world of conflicting values to them. In our choices, we follow the rule of responsibility, respect for traditions and for roots which determine who we are.





Founded in 1949, ABRAMS was the first company in the United States to specialize in publishing art and illustrated books. Now a subsidiary of La Martinière Groupe, the company continues to publish critically acclaimed and bestselling works in the areas of art, photography, cooking, craft, comics, interior and garden design, entertainment, fashion, and popular culture; children’s books ranging from young adult fiction to picture books to board books. ABRAMS creates and distributes brilliantly designed visual books with the highest production values.




Barrington Stoke was founded by Patience Thomson and Lucy Juckes, a mother and daughter-in-law team with personal experience of the way that dyslexia can lock children out of the world of books and reading. Together they came up with the idea of books that would open the door to more young people and Barrington Stoke was born. They developed a dyslexia-friendly font, pioneered the use of tinted paper and began to commission short, achievable books from an amazing range of authors including Michael Morpurgo and Malorie Blackman.

Almost twenty years on we’re still flying the flag for super-readable books and we firmly believe that the publishing industry does not engage enough with questions of accessibility when it comes to text. Black writing on navy backgrounds, picture book text zooming all over the page and huge thumping novels written (really) with adults in mind are commonplace today. Technological advances have made books less accessible, overall, not more.

We’re here for the children with dyslexia who struggle with bright white or see-through paper. We’re here for those who haven’t built up the reading stamina yet to manage complex language structures and non-linear plots. And of course we’re here for the kids who love their Playstation, their friends or football more than reading and really don’t want to sit down to seven hundred pages. Sometimes we don’t want to either.

Our books have won many awards over the years, and we have also won many awards as a company, including the Children’s Publisher of the Year at the IPG awards, where judges praised our ‘outstanding commitment to children who have dyslexia or find reading difficult’.




Book Island is a New Zealand-based publishing house with a bold dream of enriching children’s and adults’ lives in the English- and Dutch-language market. We do this by bringing unique stories from Europe to our shores, then using only the best talent to translate, design and print beautiful high-quality books. Thanks to our focus on quality, perfection, sustainability and collaboration we manage to publish titles that can be treasured and read time and time again by children and adults alike.Our titles are now available from every good bookshop in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands.




Gecko Press is an independent, international publisher of curiously good children’s books from around the world. Gecko Press hand-picks, translates and publishes books by some of the best writers and illustrators in the world—books of good heart and strong character, excellent in story, illustration and design.

We choose stories children and parents will want to read hundreds of times, for ages 0 to 14 (sometimes infinity). Gecko Press is based in Wellington, New Zealand, and our books are sold throughout the English-speaking world in digital and print editions.

Gecko Press prides itself on quality production—design, paper, bindings, covers—and on trying to make each book the best it can be.




Kings Road Publishing is home of innovative books for adults and children, with four creative imprints at its heart: Blink, Studio Press, Templar, and Weldon Owen.

Our passion and flair for creating ground-breaking adult non-fiction, children’s non-fiction, illustrated fiction and activity books, has established us as one of the leading, fast-paced publishers in the industry.

With a diverse range of titles including Animalium, national bestsellers like The Pointless Book and The Pointless Book 2, the hugely popular Ology series, innovative educational series such as < ! — code babies — >, The Harry Potter Colouring Book, and much more!


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Nothing fosters children’s imaginations better than a book. Good books can help children understand the world, pique their natural curiosity, impart knowledge, and hearten them to be empathetic or brave. Desiring to contribute to this inspiring mission, Gestalten launched its own line of children’s books called Little Gestalten.

“Make it a rule never to give a child a book you would not read yourself,” said George Bernard Shaw. These words are at the heart of our vision. We publish books that a child enjoys and that an adult admires, as each relates to the narratives on different levels.

Gifted storytellers and creative illustrators can change the way we see the world. Whether in the form of a poetic picture book, a classic fairytale with a contemporary twist, or an original work of nonfiction, Little Gestalten titles are bound to capture the fantasy of children and adults alike.





Distributed in the UK and Europe by Abrams & Chronicle Books:

Architectural Press is a world leader in architecture and design publishing, both in market share and in editorial and design excellence. With over 1,000 titles published, we have consistently sought the best in our field, and are privileged to be able to attract and publish it. We’ve made our reputation in part by identifying new trends and publishing first books on emerging talents, as well as definitive works on established names, and by creating books of unsurpassed design quality and production values.

We find design everywhere and in the most unlikely places.


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At words & pictures, we make innovative and entertaining books for younger readers that open the door to their imagination. Our aim is to let them escape their own world, explore another one and return, enriched by the experience.