Get Involved

youre-invited-to.pngWe can’t do it without you!

Be part of Edinburgh’s first festival of Polish Art for Children!

Do you love Art? Do you love being a part of something big? Especially something that for many little people will be a very exciting and fun experience?

Would you like to be part of an important community event?

Perhaps you’re a student who is looking for experience for your CV; or would you like to be part of the development of a national event?

Whatever your reason, we can’t do it without you! Come and get involved by joining our volunteer team.

Our volunteers are in charge of making our artists, and our audience, feel welcome. By joining the team you can contribute in lots of different ways from helping with setting up an exhibition,  ticket taking to helping our families to find a seat or an artist to find their venue.

At times you might have to roll up your sleeves but you will also have the chance to meet some interesting people, make new friends and hopefully have a lot of fun too!

If you fancy becoming one of our volunteers, then please complete this very short form or get in touch with Joanna Zawadzka @

Volunteer notice


This notice sets out the basis under which you apply to volunteer, and volunteer at, festivals events listed upon our website By applying to volunteer at a festival you accept and undertake to abide by the terms of this notice. In particular, this notice sets out what Kite and Trumpet Festival (“we”, “our, “us”) can expect from you. Please read this notice carefully. If you do not understand any part of this notice please let us know.


Your application to volunteer at a festival may be accepted or rejected in our sole discretion. We do not guarantee that any application will be successful. We will try and let you know whether you have been successful as soon as possible. It is a condition of this notice that you are able to provide services as a volunteer at the time you make your application and at the time you attend any festival as a volunteer.


We appreciate you volunteering. If we accept your application we will:

  • Experience of working in a great team
  • provide you with a supportive environment;
  • References
  • provide you with free tickets to selected festival events  

If we accept your application you will:

  •       attend the festival  events for which your application has been accepted;
  •       report to the person designated by us to manage your activities as a volunteer;
  •       follow all directions of that person, in respect of your volunteering, including as regards the times and locations at which you are to provide activities;
  •       carry out any activities designated to you, to the best of your ability;
  •       not by act or omission cause any risk, loss or damage to any property or person;
  •       take good care of any property we give to you, and return the same to us on completion of your volunteering activities;
  •       behave in a reasonable manner at all times when at the festival, including by not causing annoyance to others – in particular, always try to be cheery, polite, and don’t use foul language;
  •       inform us at the time you make your application of any medical conditions, however please note that we do not undertake to make any particular or special provision for medical conditions – please apply to be a volunteer only if you are able to undertake manual work without risk to your health or safety at a festival site and please do not apply if you have been advised not to undertake such activities;
  •       report to us any suspicious activities, and activities of any other volunteer or person you (acting reasonably) believe to be in breach of any obligation owed to us or the festival organiser;
  •       at all times comply fully with any rules, terms, policies and such like made available by the festival organiser, which shall take precedence over this notice. Where possible we will provide a link upon our website to the festival organiser’s website, upon which such rules, terms, policies and such like should be available; and
  •       not break the law.

If you breach this notice with respect to one festival, then we may terminate your volunteering arrangement with respect to the other festival on the basis of such breach.

To be a volunteer you must provide us with identification, when required by us, in accordance with the following.

You must provide a CURRENT passport or a driving licence (photo section) as your form of ID.

You must also comply in full with our Terms and Conditions

We hope that you will find your volunteer experience enjoyable and rewarding.


We will provide, or arrange the provision of, induction training to you explaining what we do and how we work with volunteers and also to assist you to meet the standards we expect from volunteers. You must follow all directions given in such training. Training will place at the volunteer training event prior to the festival.


If we accept your application your status will be that of a volunteer. Neither you nor we intend any employment relationship, nor any employment rights or worker rights to be created either now or at any time in the future as a result of you volunteering with us.


Volunteering is unpaid, and some expenses could be met or reimbursed.


In the course of providing your volunteering services, you may have access to confidential information relating to Kite and Trumpet Festival or our partners, including specific event or festival details. We expect you not to use or disclose this information to any person either during your volunteering experience with us or at any time afterwards.