Director and script: Mateusz Przyłęcki

Music: Andrzej Bonarek

Set Design: Agnieszka Polańska

Cast: Agnieszka Makowska Dagmara Żabska

Production: Marta Hankus

Duration: 50’

LEVEL: 10+

Language: Polish

Date: Saturday, October 14 @ 5:00 PM

Location: Cairns Theatre @ Summerhall



They call him Billy Fog. He’s fond of solitude, night, rain and melancholy. He loves doing rotten tricks to his little sister Jane and drown ants in chocolate saliva. He isn’t naughty, he “simply has character”. And he has one gift – the gift of trouble sight. He once had a cat named Tarzan. The cat was Billy’s best friend. One day Billy found Tarzan stiff in the garden. What happens to cat’s soul after death? And above all – what is death? And do we all have to go there?

A shadow theatre performance for everyone who is or used to be 10 years old, maybe lost their cat, hamster or parrot, would like to outsmart death and close it in a hermetic jar. Based on Guillaume Bianco’s comic book “Billy Fog”.

Awards: 1st prize for “a touching and bold encounter with the topic of death, humorous narrative in the shadow theatre theme, and also for outstanding performance”: Teatralna Karuzela, Festival in Lodz, Special Children’s Jury’s Award: Teatralna Karuzela, Festival in Lodz, Main Children’s Jury’s Award: International Theatrical Festival For Children and Teenagers “KORCZAK” in Warsaw.

About the theatre: Figure Theatre in Kraków is the biggest playhouse specialising in the technique of shadow theatre. It was opened in 2006. Its mission is to produce original performances and artistic events. The theatre stages its performances in Poland and at festivals abroad, e.g. in Germany, Taiwan, Korea, Russia and China. Its performances for children deal with important topics – what it means to be an adult, what happens to the cat after death, or why we not always win a gold medal. In addition to the artistic activity, one of the main aims of the theatre is theatrical education.

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