Director: Dag­ma­ra Żab­ska

Adaptation: Mar­ta Han­kus

Set Design: Edyta Staj­niak

Mu­sic: To­masz Krzyżanow­ski

Cast: Do­mi­nika Byr­ska, Ta­de­usz Dy­lawer­ski, Ma­te­usz Wróbel

Pro­dction: Mar­ta Han­kus in cooperation with Andrzej Pietyra, Anna Mastaj, Paulina Pikiewicz

Set Design Studio: Agnieszka Po­lańska, Piotr Idziak, Edyta Staj­niak

Animation advice: Agniesz­ka Ma­kow­ska

Realization: Marta Hankus

Duration: 60’

Level: 7+

Language: Polish

Date: Sunday, October 15 @ 5:00 PM

Location: Cairns Theatre @ Summerhall



Responsibilities for other people, facing the problems of the world and the ability to accept defeat are the topics hardly ever discussed nowadays. “King Matt the First” serves the role to tell about a complicated world of many meanings, contexts and points of view. This world is so diverse, that even adults find it difficult to adapt. That’s why they make bad decisions and face the consequences that follow. Matt’s story deals with two important topics – adulthood and the condition of the difficult reality of today. Maturity, battling one’s own weaknesses, chasing dreams and the taste of defeat – these things await for those who slowly enter into adulthood. We’re checking what will happen if NOT everything is fine in the world where terror of smile and pressure for success prevail. What will happen if we make a mistake? And what if we lose?

“King Matt the First” received awards for direction and music at the Competition for the Stage Adaptation of Old Pieces of Polish Literature “Klasyka Żywa” in 2015.

About the theatre: Figure Theatre in Kraków is the biggest playhouse specialising in the technique of shadow theatre. It was opened in 2006. Its mission is to produce original performances and artistic events. The theatre stages its performances in Poland and at festivals abroad, e.g. in Germany, Taiwan, Korea, Russia and China. Its performances for children deal with important topics – what it means to be an adult, what happens to the cat after death, or why we not always win a gold medal. In addition to the artistic activity, one of the main aims of the theatre is theatrical education.