Director: Michał Malinowski, Przemysław Buksiński, Paweł Romańczuk and Konrad Dworakowski

Cast: Natalia Wieciech, Przemysław Buksiński, Łukasz Bzura, Michał Malinowski

Duration: 50’

Level: 7+

Language: Polish/English

Date: Friday, 20 October @ 5:00 PM @ North Edinburgh Arts

Tickets: Eventbrite

Date: Saturday, 21 October @ 1:00 PM @ The Scottish Storytelling Centre



One scientist has accidentally invented an incredible machine which buzzes, creaks, clatters, but most importantly tells stories. On request of young viewers, the machine has already told stories about a boy who lived in a pocket, loud silence, or a girl who went on a space journey to look for chocolate planet. It is always open for new inspirations and ideas. The Storytelling Machine is an innovative project, which is a combination of stage play, storytelling and improvisation. The stories, which emerge thanks to the mysterious machine, are told by the actors of the Pinokio Theatre and are accompanied by music and live sounds. The audience have a genuine influence on the course of events, so every performance is remarkable and original.

The event was created in cooperation with the International Storytelling Festival.

Awards: 1st prize for the Best Performance for Children at the Festival of Creators of Animated Form Maskarada 2015 in Rzeszów. Distinction to Konrad Dworakowski for original and creativity stimulating forms of theatrical narrative in “The Storytelling Machine” at the XX International Festival of Puppet Theatres Spotkania in Toruń in 2013.

About the theatre: PINOKIO Theatre in Łódź is a place which goes beyond the borders of a traditional cultural institution. The mission of the theatre is to create repertoire performances and activities from different fields of art for viewers of all ages, especially taking into account the needs of children and teenagers. The performances are staged in the theatre itself, at the address Kopernika 16 in Łódź and at numerous Polish and international festivals and theatre reviews. By conducting innovative activities in the field of cultural education, Pinokio helps viewers to take the first step and next steps to the fascinating world of culture and art. The theatre offers performances for the little ones, school children, teenagers and adults. PINOKIO also organises International Festival Teatralna Karuzela.