Based on Joanna Kulmowa’s text

Director: Justyna Schabowska
Set Design: Sylwia Maciejewska
Music and Sound Director: Adam Świtała
Scenic Movement: Michał Ratajski

Cast: Małgorzata Krawczenko, Natalia Wieciech

Duration: 30’

Level: 0-4

Language: no spoken dialogue

Dates: Wednesday, October 18 & Thursday, October 19

Times: 11:00 AM & 2:00 PM & 4:00 PM

Location: Old Lab @ Summerhall

Tickets: https://sh.tickets.red61.com/performances.php?eventId=26:2155



Tuliluli is a fantastic theatrical installation. The script was written for the youngest viewers. Soft, fluffy space, the play of lights, and oval shapes aid the child’s sense of security, stimulate their creativity and their desire to explore the world. Dancing and elements of pantomime make the surrounding space more comfortable.

During several chapters, the participants, together with actresses, travel around the world of night sky: they play with the moonlight and balloon clouds, and fly to the moon which falls to the Earth in the form of a huge, light ball. Every occurrence is accompanied by a different sound, as if the sky played its own music.

This performance was inspired by the art project ‘Baby space’ Daliji Aćin Thelander developed by the ‘Art Stations Foundation/Stary Browar Nowy Taniec dla Dzieci’.

About the theatre: PINOKIO Theatre in Łódź is a place which goes beyond the borders of a traditional cultural institution. The mission of the theatre is to create repertoire performances and activities from different fields of art for viewers of all ages, especially taking into account the needs of children and teenagers. The performances are staged in the theatre itself, at the address Kopernika 16 in Łódź and at numerous Polish and international festivals and theatre reviews. By conducting innovative activities in the field of cultural education, Pinokio helps viewers to take the first step and next steps to the fascinating world of culture and art. The theatre offers performances for the little ones, school children, teenagers and adults. PINOKIO also organises International Festival Teatralna Karuzela.


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