“KITE AND TRUMPET” Festival of Polish Art for Children

Ticketing Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions of the tickets available for purchase for performances at the Kite and Trumpet Festival of Polish Art for Children(the “Festival”).

The following terms and conditions are included in the body of this document, but in order to remove all doubt:

  • Ticket holders under the age of 11 years must be accompanied by an adult in order to gain entry to a venue and to remain in the venue for the duration of the performance. The Festival reserves the right to refuse entry to unaccompanied ticket holders who are under that age of 11 years
  • The Festival reserves the right to alter the programme without notice in the unlikely event that it is necessary to do so
  • Ticket holders consent to inclusion in official photographic, visual and audio promotion / recording of the festival.

Ticketing Terms

Eventbrite, the Storytelling Centre and Summerhall are selling tickets on behalf of the Festival via their websites.

Tickets to the Festival can be purchased only through the authorised outlets.

Child ticket holders can only enter the festival with the parent/guardian who is then responsible for them throughout the event.

Parent/guardian don’t need a separate ticket for any of the workshops. Performances/lectures will require a purchase of the ticket for each attending person. For more information please refer to the event booking information.

Only legal adults may purchase tickets. Tickets purchased by an adult may be used by people other than the ticket purchaser, but may not be re-sold.

Your ticket is a contract between you and the Festival.

Ticket Exchange and Refund

Tickets cannot be exchanged after purchase.Refunds will not be offered unless a performance is cancelled and a suitable alternative is not available.This does not affect your statutory rights.


Discounts cannot be offered for tickets to the event.


In the event of the cancellation of a performance, the Festival will not be held responsible for any expenses, such as accommodation, transport or sustenance incurred by the ticket holder.

Rules of admission to Festival performances

  • A valid ticket must be produced in order to gain access to a performance
  • “Valid” means that the ticket must be for the performance that the ticket holder wishes to enter; the ticket has been purchased by or on behalf of the ticket holder, the ticket has been purchased from the authorised outlets (as an agent of the Festival) and for the correct price
  • Please check the date, time, venue and performance on the issued ticket.Every effort will be made to rectify mistakes but this cannot always be done after the ticket has been purchased
  • The ticket remains the property of the Festival
  • Tickets may not be re-sold.Tickets that are re-sold are void
  • The Festival reserves the right to alter a promoted performance at short notice should the unlikely need arise.In this case, the Festival will not be obliged to refund or exchange a ticket.This does not affect your statutory rights
  • The Festival cannot be held liable or responsible for loss of or damage to your personal property at any performance or venue, nor in transit to or from a performance or venue
  • The use of any recording equipment is strictly forbidden

Conditions of Entry to Festival Venues

The Festival reserves the right to refuse entry to ticket holders and/or to enforce the removal of any individual from a venue in certain situations including if the ticket holder, whether an adult or a child:

  • Breaches a term or condition of the ticket
  • Is under the age of 11 and is not accompanied by an adult
  • Is abusive to Festival volunteers, staff and/or customers
  • Is disruptive to any session, performance and/or activity of the Festival
  • Causes or contributes to any issue of safety to the ticket holder, other ticket holders, staff, volunteers or performances
  • Breaches or causes the Festival to breach conditions of hire of a venue used by the Festival


The Festival’s liability to the ticket holder or ticket purchaser is limited to the purchase price of the tickets purchased.

Events Outside the Control of the Festival

Failure of a Performer

The Festival will not be liable should a performer fail to appear for any or a substantial part of a scheduled performance for which a ticket holder possesses a ticket.

Force Majeure Events

The Festival will not be held liable for any failure of or delay or interruption to the performance of this agreement for reasons that fall outside the reasonable control of the Festival.These Force Majeure Events include, but are not limited to, earthquake, fire, natural disaster, the act of God, armed conflict and terrorism.

Law and Jurisdiction

The terms, conditions and contracts for the purchase of tickets for the Festival will be governed by Scottish law.Any disputes or claims arising from the terms, conditions or contracts will be subject solely and exclusively to the jurisdiction of the Scottish courts.